Our Chiropractors’ Back to School Advice

Date: Sep 16, 2021
Fall is here and this means that millions of children are going back to school. This is an emotional moment for parents who send their kids to school for the first time. For children, it is the excitement of meeting their friends again on daily basis. But chiropractors see another, ...
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How Dangerous Is Spinal Stenosis?

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Date: Sep 10, 2021
Spinal stenosis represents the process of narrowing of the spaces within your spine – the canal through which the spinal cord runs. This means that, as this canal becomes narrower, your spine will be pressured from all sides. In turn, this means that your nerves will not be able to send the signals from ...
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Can a Stiff Neck Affect Your Ears?

Posted in Neck Disorders
Date: Aug 28, 2021
Do you experience hearing loss? Also, do you suffer from a stiff neck? They may appear unrelated issues, but in our practice we have seen many patients whose hearing was significantly improved once we treated their stiff neck with chiropractic manipulations. In this article, we will explain the connection between these two health issues and ...
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Neck pain has many causes, but only one natural remedy

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Date: Jul 27, 2021
At one point or another, most people experience neck pain. Neck pain has many causes, a variety of symptoms, and is one of the most common reasons people will seek out chiropractic treatment. For some, neck pain may be a weekly source of irritation. For others, it can become constant, severe, ...
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